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Diversity Award 2021 Nomination Form

    Nominator's Contact Information
    Human Resource Management Achievements

    Describe the overall contributions the nominee has made to their company/organization such as through implementation of best practices, organization design and effectiveness, and alignment with their organization/company's strategic directions. Describe any innovative HR programs of practices that the nominee has implemented or developed and describe the significance of their contributions.

    Describe significant contributions that the nominee has made to the HR community and to the overall Human Resource profession.
    Professional and Community Leadership Achievements

    Describe the contributions that the nominee has made to the HR profession such as contributing their expertise or services to professional or community organizations such as SHRM, SHRM affiliate chapters, community professional organizations or community endeavors. Please highlight one or two particular contributions.

    Describe any volunteer leadership roles the nominee has performed in the community (local, regional, national, or international) in scope. This section could include active participation in business, civic and/or charitable organizations, and may reflect the dedication of personal time, personal resources or personal expertise in helping to better the community at any level.
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