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Greater Baton Rouge Society for Human Resource Management (GBR SHRM) celebrates 40th Anniversary

    January 3, 2017

    The purpose of the Greater Baton Rouge Society for Human Resource Management (GBR SHRM) is to promote fellowship and a better understanding of the mutual issues affecting those engaged in human resource activities; to provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas and discussion relating to all phases of human resources management; to encourage the application of scientific methods to the human issues of industry, business, and government as a means of increasing the operating effectiveness of both workers and management; to make information available regarding current thought and trends in human resource management; and to render a service to this geographic area on human resource matters.

    GBR SHRM currently has over 470 members including Professional and Affiliate Membership, Student Membership and Lifetime Membership. Members enjoy the exposure to other HR professionals and companies; access to a network of professionals and specialist; the opportunity to develop relationships and contacts; availability of local professional development opportunities; access to current best practices; opportunity to develop leadership skills; and development of a reputation and credentials in the HR field.

    On January 11, 1977 a group of 32 human resources professionals chartered the original organization known at that time as the Capital Area Personnel Association (CAPA).  William “Bill” Spann was one of the original members of this charter and Treasurer of CAPA.  Bill  continues to work as an HR professional in Baton Rouge and is currently an Honorary Lifetime Member of GBR SHRM.  We were honored to present  Bill Spann with the 2016 GBR SHRM Outstanding Human Resource Professional of the Year for his years of service as an HR professional.

    Over the span of 40 years this organization has continued to grow and focus on its purpose of advancing the HR profession.  ocus on being a catalyst for not just HR professionals, but also business leaders on strategic HR matters that affect business results.

    GBR SHRM will  begin celebrating the 40th Anniversary at it January Chapter Meeting to mark the date of the organization’s charter.  Other special events will include, but not be limited to a special “$40” discount off the normal $180 membership dues for GBR SHRM when they join both the local and national organization between January 1st and January 31st and a special celebration to recognize the members of the original charter.

    Additional information regarding Greater Baton Rouge SHRM (GBR SHRM) can be located on the organization’s website at and questions may be directed to our email address at

    Note:  Greater Baton Rouge SHRM members are often sought to participate in business articles as subject matter experts on human resource management trends and legislation affecting the workplace.