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    Passport to Leadership

    Date: January 19, 2017, 11:30am
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    Chapter Meeting
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    Join leadership speaker, Dima Ghawi, as she takes you on a journey packed with leadership lessons. With a stamped passport to leadership, you will be equipped to set your goals for takeoff in 2017.

    This presentation covers three key elements of successful leadership. The lessons are delivered through humorous and emotion filled stories, group activities, and engaging exercises. Dima utilizes her global business experience and background in leadership training with Fortune 100 companies to communicate the essence of leadership. The three sections of the presentation cover:


    Leadership starts internally with confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth. To be effective, individuals must face the internal negative beliefs that inhibit personal and career growth; they must dare to shatter their fear of failure, the worry of being judged, and the pursuit of perfection.


    Great leaders focus on the human element, support their team every step of the way, and stay connected with them as they climb the mountain of leadership. The leader rises as the team rises. The world needs dedicated leaders that care and focus on employee engagement and team morale.


    Great leaders challenge the norm and  envision how things could be better than they are. They take bold actions to create a better future for their team, their organization, and themselves.